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Dynamic and interactive management process with a wide, consolidated view of assets, allows us to optimize the investment portfolio, according to the moment in life and the circumstances of the market.

Through wealth management, you can define the best investment portfolio and the ideal way to achieve your goals.

Investment management focused on the investor's goals offers custom solutions to meet unique requirements.

Financial planning is a process of developing strategies to help manage finances and the achievement of life goals.

It involves analyzing all relevant aspects of the financial condition related to personal financial planning.

Aimed at customers who seek to protect and expand their assets, while enjoying life in the present and future.


Highly specialized consultancy focused on solutions in finance for businesses

Diagnosis and Monitoring Financial

Diagnosis and monitoring of operational and financial performance of the company according to its value drivers, profitability and leverage. We also conduct advisory services in order to enable the disclosure of financial information in line with the best market practices.

📊 Equity Valuation:

Independent assessment to determine the fair value of equity for businesses, mergers & acquisitions and corporate disputes and litigation.

📈 Project Finance:

Structuring and analysis of projects with capital-intensive allocations that require sophisticated studies of possible scenarios and risks, advising in the measurement of capital, the pricing and the stipulation of investment parameters.

📊 Analysis and Restructuring of Liabilities:

Operations aimed at reducing the cost of debt, extension of debt and/or risk mitigation of costly liabilities.

📈Cash Management:

Advising in the management and measuring of investment in cash as well as a risk analysis of possible mismatches.

📊 Risk Management and Hedge (including Hedge Accounting and Taxation):

Analysis and structuring of hedge operations to mitigate our client’s exposure to different risk factors.

📊 Strategic Planning:

Process coordination and execution of proprietary methodology with the organization's key personnel